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Documents Against Acceptance And Documents Against Payment

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Similarities and Differences Between Documentary Collections and Documentary Credits.

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Exporters should consult with their international bankers about bank charges for such services.

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This web site policies will allow acceptance or accepting a currency, banks will follow through their competitors. The seller ships the goods and then hands over the document related to the goods to their banks with the instruction on how and when the buyer would pay.


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Once payment is received, the collecting bank transmits the funds to the remitting bank for payment to the exporter.


Meaning that the seller has to transfer funds before the shipment of the items and pays for the merchandise and shipping costs sight unseen but can inspect for quality and quantity.

An exporter from China can offer to sell you sunglasses.

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How Does it Work? This is a safe and common international trade payment mechanism.


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In the international arena, open account sales are regarded as having the most risk; letter of credit transactions as having the least.


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