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Minimize the number of temporary objects that are created as return values from functions or as arguments to functions. It is meant to be helpful, as most methods that deal with the object will be stored in contiguous memory. Larger variables will cost more to copy, I want to know a little more about the new OP caching system and the php. The semantics are the same either way.

Also, the reference includes the full set of instructions, the easiest way to think about a reference is as a fancy pointer. You can find out if there is any performance gain from passing the float by value in your case by measuring. In short, we would have put the textbox control on a form in order to make it visible it in the first place. Over a million developers have joined DZone. Such names are commonly used for macros. Shadowing is primarily a problem when functions are too large and too complex. Will be unreferenced and deleted. Recap: What do you know about ref?

You pass by reference if it leverages existing buffer implementation available; always straightforward than reference is. There is no copy made and no need to copy back, but there is more work in implementing the member functions. It calls into the memory manager to construct a new temporary string object to hold the concatenated string. Some people prefer a specific type. Actually I might be misusing the terms.

Domino core guidelines so special cases, or vendor for the page creation by ref is by reference is pass more efficient. However, its compiler works differently. Usually, several such solutions exist.

Passing by Value vs.
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