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Tags Automatic transmission manual transmission standard transmission transmission dimensions. 196 Ford Body Plate Data. Ford's C4 transmission was the first automatic used in the Mustang. Automatic Transmission Controller Atomic GM Ford Lincoln Mercury Each. It is primarily intended for 1990's-2000's Ford trucks but most likely also applies to other Ford models Need help decoding what axle or transmission you have. Transmission Code CODE YEAR SPD DESCR TYPE A '73-'79 4 Manual New Process 435. The top shift overdrive TOD is a four speed manual transmission with fourth. The 19555657 Thunderbird automatic transmissions had two different extension.

Of this transmission can be obtained by using the identification charts in this manual. What Transmission Do I Have Tool. The info was taken directly from the Ford service manual so there must. Decoders Calculators Tips 'n Tricks Multimedia Ads-N-Articles Sounds. This manual contains valuable information about the car including the type of transmission If you can't find the manual try to look at the white door card or tag. ZF S5-42 and S5-47 5 speed manual transmission specs ratios and information. Find the transmission ID tag on the top surface of the transmission or under a. For 1953-56 Ford the VIN plate is attached to the rear face of the driver's door.

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HEH- or RUG- are the codes necessary for decoding specific transmission application from the. The BorgWarner identification tag is typically located on the rear of the. All data images and descriptive text from Ford 1974-197 Car Shop Manuals. Ford Manual Transmission ID Guide under construction Ford Automatic. Single range transmissions start in intermediate gear and shift to direct drive In dual range trans-missions when shifted into the Dl position the transmission. C4 and C6 Transmissions can be identified by the shape of the transmission pan. Close attention to add a transmission tag decoder ebook which could be helpful to.

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This strong and reliable transmission was installed on '69-'79 Ford pickups as well as. TYPE CODE M Manual Steering P Power Steering SHAFT Length SECTOR. 11- Mustang 12- Automatic trans 13- 4 Speed manual trans 14- Fairlane. Model A Ford Garage Tremec T170FT RTS TOD.

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There are also other direct-shift extension housings SSR Aussie Ford Falcon Viper others. If the ID tag is missing the transmission has likely been serviced. Automatic-equipped trucks came with Ford-O- Matic script under the crest.

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By the three speed automatic transmission with lockup torque converter known as the C5. Same mounting bolts to press fit a manual transmission was released. 445 5 Speed Manual Transmission 445 6-Speed Manual Transmission Gas 447. Was optional in 69L73L IDI and 73L Power Stroke equipped Ford pickups. These quality manual transmission parts and rebuild parts kits are designed to.

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The Chevrolet Turbohydramatic 350 automatic transmission or THM350 was available on all. Most modular engine applications use an automatic transmission Except. Another way to identify the transmission is by the driver's door tag Ford. Transmission ID Tag Decoding Ford Mustang Forum.

Tag ID Application Torque Rating lbft 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Rev Input Splines Output. To fit this transmission to a Ford bellhousing a new Dodge input shaft is. The year is usually visible but the month is not so easy to decode. 1973-1979 Ford F-series Truck VIN Warranty Tag Decoding.

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The transmission decoder? GM Manual Transmission Identification GM Body Trim Tag Decoding GM Vin. Overdrive Transmission 1991 and Newer Ford Transmissions Ford C-4. Transmission tag decode Vintage Mustang Forums.

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If you can locate the production ID tag on your Ford T1 top cover you will find a lettering. Ford Certification Plate. 1 3-Speed Manual Transmission 1st gear not synchronized 5 4-Speed. 11- Mustang 12- Thunderbird 13- 4 Speed manual trans 14- Galaxie only. Parts on it was very expensive repairs are accomplished with ford produces high quality manual transmission tag, which they are handy when repair specialists in. On the inside edge of the driver's door is a tag that lists the year of the vehicle. This will help you decode the VCL on your recent model 1994 and up Mustang. Hi zincyellow your aod tag decodes as a 19 ford thunderbird 3l v6sorry for. To ID the particular T-56 transmission at hand simply look at the tag bolted to. Of a Tremec RTS transmission can be identified by a sheet metal tag which is. Photo of the transmission tag reveals the same code PGB W.

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Enter your gear set of readers like it depends on the engine to the job done back of these two sets will know what that indicates type a manual transmission tag is original. How to Identify Codes on Ford Transmission Tags It Still Runs.


1967 Ford Body Plate Data. Ford picked up the T5 in 193 to improve the Mustangs performance and gas. To decode the number use DecodeThiscom or call your local dealership and. Steering Box ID Decoder StangersSite.