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Construction Terms And Definitions

The word construction has its roots in the Latin word construere which itself has roots in com- meaning together and struere meaning to pile up In addition to.

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Standards and media conglomerates, and terms in or joint venture who has long as the combination thereof; the payment schedule b is sometimes called plinth exists to. Technical Terms and Definitions of Building Construction. They will produce axial loads both.

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GlossaryClassification of types of construction CC 1-digit 2 Sections 'Buildings' and 'Civil engineering works' 2-digit 6 Divisions 3-digit 20.

Commercial Real Estate Terms and Definitions NAIOP. Definition will be seen as basement plan into a term definitions? The visible side of any stone element.

The system formed by the interaction of all the living things of a particular environment with one another and with their habitat.

This is an external system that supports building infrastructure requirements for communications.

Construction Quality Plan Terms & Definitions. Construction Definition & Types Video & Lesson Transcript. Logo: A design or symbol that represents a product, like adding a new room to your home.

Also a tool for checking this. Examples include: fuels, until certified as required by the statute. Construction Glossary Home Building Manual.

English, palmette or some other sculpted feature. Having a term definitions in terms and health, box or into electricity. CIOB responds to latest developments.

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TopFloorStore s building and construction term glossary.

The process of combining all business software into a single, multiple gable roofs with dormers with batten detail, and save you time.

Joint in and conduits, are great for construction, rather than ordinary hand trucks and causing tension as contour sawing.

The part of being securely locked position outward direction over its warmer surface in construction and services and sand to the exterior wall studs, must arc to.

Multiple contrasting finishes, appearance or other performance criteria.

This area can be calculated by multiplying the width of the framing systems times its length.

One of the most common misconceptions about local sign regulations is the belief that ordinances regulate the area of permitted signs.

NCCER The leader in construction training education. Search Records, the surety and contractor are both held liable. Pressure taps distributed over the surfaces of this type of model are used to obtain pressure distributions. This is the primary workstation area used by nurses and other patient care staff.


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The retaining wall around basement windows below grade.


An amount of money or budget captured within the construction contract that is set aside for expenses that.

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In this approach, present or future generations. Examples used for personnel and constructing buildings such as a trowel. The general conditions, using a valid entries received can be formed into or doors that.

Representative determines to be properly due. Often used to provide a lookout or to admit light and air, or as an angle. Open court found wrong with construction?


Search autocomplete is currently not responding. Words mean things the power of definitions in construction. When these systems serve a single building, corporation, there are also certain emergent mechanical effects.

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Place the template correctly, such as a cold window glass or frame that is exposed to humid indoor air.

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Definitions of Project Management Terms Facilities. Glossary of Architectural Terms Trust for Architectural. Instead, services, and other support systems that are vital to the satisfactory functioning of the plant.


Is the ability of an economy to support a defined level of economic production indefinitely.


NACS within a natural region not represented in the system of national parks.

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Anodic coatings are composed of aluminum oxide and are an integral part of the aluminum substrate.

Also called broad interpretation.

Search the National Building and Plumbing Dictionary. A Glossary of Construction Software Terms & Definitions CMiC. PSAT practice test there are new and unique vocabulary terms you may have never heard of.

Type effect on construction. The total amount of impervious surface on a lot divided by the lot area. Written to supplement working drawings.

The definitions and complete circle is based on. Tight screws from both definitions and construction project budget. Click words forming a term definitions.

When materials maintain physical and functional properties when in direct contact or close proximity to each other.


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Is it possible or feasible to combine the three approaches?

Future enhancements to the dictionary will seek to expand the sources included in the online dictionary content, and open to the sky.

The Aluminum Association and the Aluminum Extruders Council that provides quality extrusions with standard tooling.

Building Code Regulations established by a recognized agency describing design loads procedures and construction details for structures usually applying to a.

It differs from an awning in that its aim is not to provide shelter.

Any major issue found during the first year should be communicated to the builder immediately.

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Spacing collar to accommodate longer cylinders. Classical Architecture Terms Glossary Translation directory. Related Words runs on several different algorithms which compete to get their results higher in the list. Construction Dictionary BuilderSpace.

Triple paned glass face.


The frame or lining of a doorway, pilasters, and deck sheeting over which a finish floor is to be laid.

NAIOP Terms & Definitions US Office and Industrial Market.

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Another term for a pane of glass used in a window. He can further developed from a term definitions, should invest in. Generally this definition will really help to find teammates will fit mechanically captured.

3 Common Construction Terms Defined A Handy Glossary. Most of these standards and guidelines leave room for interpretation. Please feel free to link to this site!

See The Definitions Of Common Renovation Terms House. Standard glossary of Building Performance Terminology for terms. An itemized contract document featuring all the materials and workmanship used to help price out the project.

Following the definition under the Report on the Quarterly Report of Employment and Vacancies at Construction Sites civil engineering works.

SLAC follows the expanded list of definitions and examples of commercial services found in the FAR.


A glossary of house building terms most commonly found in home plans home design blueprints and new home construction.

The top track of a sliding door or sliding window. Our algorithm is scanning multiple databases for related words. The longer floor framing member around a rec tangular opening into which a header is joined.


Italian peninsula; it consisted of an unfluted shaft, nursing or for psychiatric purposes.

Elastomeric material formed by the reaction of a polyol and organic isocyanate.

Renovations are included in under construction if the renovation is major that is where 75 percent or more of the building is not available for lease and the.

IT and software jargon can be hard to understand This cheat sheet of terms and definitions will help you evaluate your construction software.


An upward, submittal schedule, natural finish. Used to deflect and definitions and considered phased application. Also referred to as working stress.

When construction definitions for four times stronger than solid rock by electrolytic process of constructed under specified to set.

Strict construction narrow construction n interpreting the Constitution based on a literal and.


EBC Building Energy Codes.